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Job Search Engine: Product Overview

ES Job Search Engine Script is the most powerful, affordable and flexible spider meta job search engine script. In one simple search, ES Job Search Engine gives job seekers free access to thousands of employment opportunities because it search for jobs from many different sites (job websites, job boards, newspapers, associations, company career pages), you’ll find more opportunities here than if you just searched for jobs on a single job posting site.
It is easy to use: just install it and your job search site is ready.

Software Features

Simple Job Search

  • Job Search by keywords and categories

    Above all, our Job Search Script makes online job searching simple. You can get a quick access to jobs with search by job title, company name, location. Just type in “what” (type of job) and “where” (job location) and click Search Jobs! ES Job Search Software also allows you to search jobs by category such as Accounting/Finance, Human Resources, or Teaching, to name just a few. This can help you narrow the scope of your search so you can find a job that is the perfect fit for you.

Anvanced Job Search

  • Exact Job Search

    The Advanced Job Search allows you to specify exact phrases, exact job titles, specific companies and etc. to help you find just the right job results.

  • Specify Job Type

    To make your job searching even more fruitful, our Job Search Script allows specify job category, job type, salary, job published time and etc.


    The radius around the location

    You can set the radius around the location you're willing to find work. For example, you can see a listing of all listed jobs for Boston with extended radius of 25, 50, 100 miles.


    View listing

    When you view the resulting list from your job search, this site makes it easy for you to sort the listings in a way that will help you find the best match. You can sort by relevance, date posted and number results per page.

Advanced XML/RSS Data Parser

  • Add Job XML Feeds with easy

    You can set up almost any XML/RSS Job Feeds. Just do 3 steps:
    - Add information about feed: name, description, refresh time, max recursion depths and etc.
    - Configure Job Search Software XML/RSS Crawler: add job URL, select XML tree node and associate it with necessary field (job title, job location, job description and etc.)
    - Add more XML data URLs which can use current configuration: copy/paste XML data URLs for each category or enter keywords list to divide data into site categories.

Advanced HTLM Pages Parser

  • Add Job HTML Pages with easy

    You can set up almost any HTML Job Feeds (job sites, job boards, company career pages and etc.). Just do 3 steps:
    - Add information about feed: name, description, refresh time, max recursion depths and etc.
    - Configure Job Search Software HTML Crawler: add job URL, select HTML tree node or insert regular expression for page parsing; associate HTML tree node or regular expression part with necessary field (job title, job location, job description and etc.)
    - Add more HTML pages which can use current crawler configuration: copy/paste HTML pages URLs for each site categories.

Quick Filters

  • Filter by Job Results

    This option allow job seekers filter jobs search listing by Company Name, Job Title, Job Location, Job Type, Salary Estimate, Employer/Recruiter, Recent Job Searches.

  • Filter by Job Categories

    This option allow job seekers limit jobs by category.

Full Features List
  • Front-end (visitor area):
    • Simple Job Search.
      Quick Search by Job Title, Company Name, Job Description, City, State and Zip.
    • Job Search by Categories.
      Search by Categories such as Accounting/Finance, Human Resources and etc.
    • Advanced Job Search.
      Specify Search by Company and Keyword with next options: With all of these words, With the exact phrase, With at least one of these words, Without the words, With these words in the title, From this company.
    • Search by Location(City, State, or Zip) with distance around location.
    • Search by Jobs with next options: job category, job type, job salary, job published time.
    • Jobs in Country feature.
    • Quick Job Search Result Filters by Job Category, Company, Title, Location, Job Type.
    • Sort Job Search results by relevance and date
    • Save job to My Jobs List and email job
    • My Jobs List
      You can save jobs to My Jobs List and then use it find your job.
    • Job Alert feature
      This feature allows you to set up an email notification system when jobs become available. You can create many Job Alerts with Simple or Advanced Job Search option and set Deliver Time.
  • Admin Area:
    • Manage Users (advertisers, publishers, members): add / edit / delete advertisers, publishers and members account.
    • Manage Advertiser advertisements.
    • View Advertiser Fund account history.
    • Manage Advertiser advertisements.
    • View Publisher Traffic Summary.
    • View Publisher Payment request history.
    • Manage Settings:
      Advertisers Settings: Advertiser Start balance, Min keyword Ad CPC and etc.
      Search Page Settings: Amount of listings, Amount of advertisers listing, Frame/window target and etc.
      Publishers Settings: Publisher Start balance, Publisher percent and etc.
      Cache Settings: Admin actual cache time, Front-end pages actual cache time and etc.
      Jobroll settings: Jobroll Color Settings.
      Payment settings: Credit Card Settings, PayPal Settings.
    • Statistics: common, search, clicks, earn money and etc.
    • Manage users submissions: Advertisers, Publishers, Members, XML Feed, Sponsor Job ads.
    • View detailed statistic: Users, Search, Clicks, Earn money, IP address.
    • Payment request.
    • Payment history.
    • Manage Job Categories.
    • Manage Feeds.
      Advanced XML/RSS and HTLM Pages Parsers allows you to add new feeds with easy.
    • Manage Job Listing.
    • IP Firewall.
    • Job Search Log.
    • Manage page and e-mail templates.
  • Advertiser Area:
    • Manage Advertisements: "keyword ad" and "jobs from my site ad".
    • View detailed statistic: Clicks, Ad Views, CTR, Avg CPC, Cost, Avg Pos.
    • Fund account.
    • Fund account history.
  • Publisher Area:
    • Jobroll.
    • Search Box.
    • Text Link.
    • XML feed.
    • Traffic Summary.
    • Payment request.
    • Payment request history.
  • Web based installation via setup script.
    Simple process, but we can do it for you!
  • PHP 4.3+ & PHP 5.x Supported.
    It is fast and easy to use. Also small hosting price.
  • MySQL Database Driven.
    It is fast and easy to use.
  • Fully Customizable Layout.
    You have an almost unlimited control over your site layout. By indicating CSS, HTML or by editing the HTML code in any HTML editor you can change the feel and look of any pages.
  • Customize e-mail messages.
    You can edit e-mail message which user will recive.
  • No need of HTML or PHP knowledge.
    You change site layout using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Free installation & free support.
    Any problems with the installation or any questions? Just drop us a line to receive a top priority support.
  • Payment Gateways support.
    The system use PayPal, Credit Card, E-Gold payment.
  • Build In Cache System.
    This allows to reduce server's loading drastically. Using of cache system increases a speed of websites working with a large amount of visitors.


Job Search Engine Light: Product Overview

ES Job Search Engine Light version has the same functions as standard version, but with some limitations:

  • Light version gives jobs from one XML feed (
  • Light version has not Job Filter by Jobs on search results page and other small features.


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ES Job Search Engine Software
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  • Free Copyright Removal
  • Professional Support Team
  • Lifetime License
Resource Specification
ES Job Search Engine Software Demo. Standard version:
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ES Job Search Engine Software Demo. Light version:
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Front-end: homepage
Front-end: homepage screenshot

Front-end: search results
Front-end: search results screenshot

Admin area: edit advertiser profile
Admin area: edit advertiser profile

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